top 5 animal-related complaints and concerns in New Zealand

The RSPCA receives around 3,000 animal-related complaints each year. Here are the top 5 animal-related complaints and concerns in New Zealand, based on the number of complaints received.

1. Animal abandonment

Abandoning an animal is a criminal offence under the Animal Welfare Act 1999. The RSPCA receives around 300 complaints each year about animals being abandoned, often in remote locations.

2. Animal neglect

Animal neglect is the most common type of complaint the RSPCA receives, with around 1,000 complaints each year. Animal neglect can include failing to provide adequate food, water, shelter or veterinary care.

3. Animal cruelty

Animal cruelty complaints range from animals being beaten or stabbed, to dogs being left in hot cars. The RSPCA receives around 600 complaints of animal cruelty each year.

4. Illegal wildlife trade

The illegal wildlife trade is a multi-million dollar industry and includes the trade in live animals, as well as animal parts and products. The RSPCA receives around 100 complaints each year about the illegal wildlife trade, often involving native birds and reptiles.

5. Exotic animals

Exotic animals are animals that are not native to New Zealand and are not commonly kept as pets. The RSPCA receives around 50 complaints each year about exotic animals, often involving snakes and lizards.

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