Livestock Control

Wandering Stock (Public Areas and Roads) 

Animal Control Officers throughout New Zealand are responsible for the removal of stock from public places and roads.  Stock refers to horses, goats, pigs, cows, sheep and a variety of other non-domestic animals. Stock are not permitted to wander, graze, be ridden, lead or herded on any park or reserve without the Councils consent. This is administered under Council Bylaws.  There is a process to be followed in reporting stock which has wandered depending on where the stock has been found.

Livestock Control

Stock wandering loose on any road should be reported to an Animal Control officer who will advise you on what to do next.

Stock on Private Property

Stock found on private property can be reported to the Animal Control officer who will advise you of the process to have

them removed.

As a landowner/occupier, you must attempt to find the owner of the stock and return the stock directly. If you are unable to do so within 48 hours you can then advise the Council that you want the stock impounded. Unfortunately, you will be responsible for organizing and financing the removal of the stock on your land.  Animal Control officers can advise you as to where the stock is to be transported.

All charges for transporting the stock, trespass rates and sustenance fees etc will be the responsibility of the owner of the stock who will be required to reimburse costs before stock are released.

If the owner of stock cannot be traced the stock are auctioned at sale and the proceeds used to reimburse the affected parties.

Please note that Animal Control officers will not investigate the removal of bulls unless they are loose on the road.