5 things to include in your complaint about a dog wandering in NZ

Dogs wandering on public roads and footpaths is a big problem in New Zealand. Not only is it a danger to the public, but it also causes a nuisance. If you come across a dog that is wandering, here are five things you should include in your complaint:

1. The location of the dog. This is so that the authority can go and collect the dog as soon as possible.

2. A description of the dog. This will help the authority identify the dog and its owner.

3. The time you saw the dog. This is so that the authority can determine how long the dog has been wandering.

4. Your contact details. This is so that the authority can get in touch with you if they have any further questions.

5. Any other relevant information. This could include whether the dog was on a leash or not, whether it was aggressive, and whether you have any concerns for the safety of the public.

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